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Predictive Analytics Solutions

Solutions for your Business

PiCube offers solutions that address the problems of the data-driven world of today. Look ahead of the curve, create an efficient business that relies on insights, driven by data, to make game-changing decisions.

Banking and lending

The banking and lending landscape is changing. Today, it’s all about knowing your customer base intimately and selling the right product to your discerning audience. All this, while you manage portfolio risk.
Predictive analytics helps you consolidate your portfolio, target your audience, serve your customer, build your business and manage your risk.

Manage portfolio risk

Measure and monitor the risk profile of your client portfolio in real-time. Tailor your lending policies to suit dynamically changing marketing conditions.

Custom Loan Products

Create and offer custom loan products based on their life stage, estimated lifestyle choices and risk of default.

Segment your customers

Get to know your customers by analyzing their history and correlating customer preferences based on shared interests.

Loan product offer management

Recommend the loan product that is the best fit for your customer.

Hospital management

Changing healthcare reforms, narrow-margins and regulatory pressures are the new normal. Use predictive analytics to foresee and evolve. Meet tomorrow. Today.
Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Hospital operations management

Optimize/predict operating theatre, capital equipment utilization (MRI, CT Scan etc.) and bed occupancy based on initial patient visits.

Prescription compliance

Predict the likelihood of a patient not complying with prescriptions.

Physician attrition

Retain doctors who have admitting privileges in multiple hospitals.

Survival analysis

Analyze survival statistics for different patient attributes (age, blood type, gender etc.) and treatments.

Medication (dosage) effectiveness

Analyze effects of administering different types and dosage of medication for a disease.

Readmission risk

Predict risk of re-admittance based on patient attributes, medical history, diagnosis and treatment.


An efficient supply chain depends upon reliable manufacturing capacity.
Use predictive analytics to increase process efficiency, reduce equipment failure, build better products.

Optimize production capacity and processes

Increase operational efficiency by analyzing your processes using your data to extract insights and drive decisions.

Proactive equipment maintenance

Use equipment sensor data can be used to predict the risk of equipment failure.

Manage your production risk

Identify risk of production failure proactively. Create disaster recovery and risk mitigation plans ahead of time.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Shrinking margins and efficient supply chains are your reality. The idea of creating and retaining customer loyalty is undergoing a paradigm shift.
Use predictive analytics to clearly define your customer needs and their buying patterns. Tailor your acquisition cycle, manage your inventory, sell the right product, to the right customer, at the right time. Build your business the right way.

Refine your customer acquisition process

Find out who is most likely to take your deal. Make it sweeter. Spend less. Sell more.

Retain your customer

Build loyalty within your customer base. Proactively manage your churn rate. Provide and manage customer experience that is consistent across channels.

Segment your customer base

Get a clear definition of your customer segments based on similarity trends. Make targeted offers for cross-selling and up-selling. Get better results.


Compete with confidence. Supercharge your marketing and reach new customers. Optimize and automate your operations with informed decisions for your underwriting, claims and fraud detection processes, powered by automation and predictive risk scoring.
Predictive analytics helps you consolidate your portfolio, target your audience, serve your customer, build your business and manage your risk.
Insurance Predictive Analytics

Optimize your underwriting process

Automate your underwriting process using your historical data to create a scoring model.

Identify fraudulent claims

Examine non-obvious historical patterns to identify and flag potentially fraudulent claims.

Understand your customer

Identify your ideal target segment and target your marketing to get higher success rates.

Make the best next offer

Predict the probability of life events and make appropriate offers to your existing customer base, with confidence.

Get key insights, Accelerate decision-making and add certainty to the process with rapid discovery and modeling to validate the viability and scope of business opportunities.

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